Abyssinians do not need as much grooming like a longhair cat, but they do like to be groomed. Grooming should be a pleasure for all concerned. Because you know how much cats like ritual and sameness, make grooming into a ritual. This will increase the bond  between you and your Aby.

The best place to groom your hairy friend is the kitchen counter, for it's the right high for your back and it's not slippery for your Aby. Use the same place, the same tools, and groom the cat's body parts in the same order. If possible, do the grooming at the same hour of the day. Grooming is a very natural thing to the cat and something they readily understand if properly approached and properly done. First prepare all that you need: slicker brush, Q-tips with Vit. E capsules or almond oil, toenail clipper and also some of the cat's favourite goodies. Lift the cat and bring him onto the grooming area. It's very important, though, that you be the one to put the cat back on the floor when you're finished.

Never, ever let the cat jump down. You must physically pick him up and place him on the floor yourself, with words of praise and admiration.