Let's start

No matter what you're going to do in the grooming, always begin every grooming with your hands. After you place the cat on the grooming table, facing away from you, stroke his head, neck, throat, chest, back, outer thighs, stomach, inner thighs, and bloomers. The reason for this "finger grooming" is that you are communicating to your Aby what it is you are about to do and also what a pleasant, exciting feeling it is going to be. Remember: it should be a pleasure for all concerned.

Then, when introducing the slicker brush, repeat like said above leaving out the stomach and inner thighs because of the very delicate skin there. Hold the slicker brush very loosely by the handle and stoke it so lightly down the cat's coat. Long before you finished, you should be rewarded with a resonant purr, increased by keading with front paws. 

After this, clipp the claws with a people toenail clipper. Claw clipping can be made very easy if you remembers always to include stroking the paws whenever you are petting the cat. In order to maintain a clear memory of easy and pleasant claw clippings, it's nice if you do it every two or tree weeks. Examined then ear, teeth and gums. Many cats find ear cleaning itchy and thikly, thats why it should made at last. Puncture a capsule of vit. E and put it onto a cotton swab, you can also use ear liquid, but before is better to worm the content, it has to be as pleasant as possible! Clean any part of the ear that you can actually see. Examine the cat's teeth as a part of each grooming. If you become aware that there's an awful lot of tartar buildup, plus inflamed gums, let the veterinarian clean the teeth.

At the end of every grooming, assure your Aby that the grooming has revealed anew all their natural beauty. Stroke their favorite sport to end the grooming on a high level of sensual pleasure, and give the favorite goodies. It can bee catnip or brewer's yeast tablets, or liver tablets. When your Aby is finished, she will want surely more of this "good feeling" that you gave her, and this is also a pleasure for you!!