The boys


Opelousa Tartini

Macho is a very elegant middle-sized sorrel-silver boy. He has a good ticking, good silver and good coat quality. He is still very jung but with enormeus potential.

Opelousa Neo

Neo is a elengant boy. Although he has very good quality, in the years he has never produced silvers.
Neo now lives in Biel und enjoys the sunny balcony with his half-sister.


Opelousa Beyond Paradise

Shorty is a very long cat. He has very firm body with a brethtaking ticking, unfurtunatly he has also lots of ruffismus. That don't bother me; is better to have a good body rather to have a good color! Of course the goal of the silver breeding program is to archive both: good aby quality in a good silver coat.
Shorty now lives as a neuter in Zürich.